New Magento store development

Are you looking for a new Magento Web store development? Young-dogs has an experienced and certified team of developers that has developed over 50 new Magento stores the last years. We will help you setup the project and guide you through the steps that your business requires in order to sell successfully online. We make a success of your e-commerce plans by following our proven development plans and methods.

All our new Magento developments are made on Magento 2.

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Why Magento?

We love Magento because it is the worlds most advanced and flexible Open Source Commerce Platforms. Using the most advanced techniques to speed up your store and offering you all the solutions that you require as a small business. The flexible setup of Magento 2 allows us to let the software adapt to your business model and specific client or product requirements.

Young-dogs develops Magento 2 open source tailor made so you can keep on focusing on your business and let us do the eCommerce development. Have you outgrown Magento 2 Open Source, then we will help you grow by implementing one of our own developed Modules and solutions or even to one of the the advanced Magento 2 B2B or Magento Enterprise platforms.

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Migration Magento 1 to Magento 2

Are you an experienced online reseller using the popular Magento 1 backend system, then you might want to consider migrating to Magento 2. The key reasons to migrate are the php version that is supported by Magento 1 and the out of the box solutions offered by Magento 2.

Young-dogs is Magento certified solution Specialist that can help you in your process of migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2. We can implement one of our proven approaches that will convert your migration project into a stunning growth thanks to the new techniques coming with Magento 2.

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Magento Module development

Here at Young-dogs we have experience with many different type of products that require special online selling solutions. We have a wide range of specialized solutions for Magento 1 and Magento 2. Is yours not here? Than don’t wait any longer and contact us.

Whether it is an mobile app (Magento PWA) connecting to your Magento or a Quotation module for customized price offers. We will develop your functionality for Magento 1 or Magento 2 webstore on demand or modify one of our existing modules.

As a Magento Partner we develop all of our modules using the Magento standard. With this with guaranteed level of development avoiding system errors.

Magento partner

Magento Oficial certified

Quality is standard here at Young-dogs. We use Magento standard in all our developments which are durable even in a fast software development such as Magento 2. We spend a lot of time training and updating our Magento 2 development skills in order to serve you with the best.

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Magento Support and Maintanance

Our experienced customer support for Magento 1 and Magento 2 can help you as a reseller, wholeseller or webmaster in using the Magento system to its maximum. We offer maintenance, upgrade, securing your system. If you need training or more information about best eCommerce practices you can contact our Customer support.

Avoid system errors and keep your Magento installation and knowledge healthy so that the system runs a smooth webstore that serves your clients and generates sales.

Magento module development

Automatically sync between Amazon and Magento and save time!


AGB Module

15 March 2017

Avoid hassle with German Law regulations!


Get your International Search Engine strategy right!


Would you like stars in your Google ranking?


Quotation Module

05 November 2015

One way of increasing your sales, is offering your customers a quote before they proceed with their purchase.


Magento Speed Module

28 August 2015

We built a package to improve your Magento store speed up considerably. Say goodbye to slow page loading and get your online sales speed at the right...


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